Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hand holding

Today in the car, I was driving slowly, so, as I often do, I reached my right hand back and held it out for Noah, who took it in his hand and held it and then dropped it, grabbed it again, dropped it, grabbed it again. Toying with my heart, this child, I thought. He loves it when I beg for his attention.

But then, "Mommy... you can't... you should just drive. You should keep both your hands on the wheel." And there it was, more sage advice from my three year old. His hand holding hesitation a mere attempt to give me the opportunity to make the right decision before he had to make it for me. I laughed and told him he was right and in my head, I cringed at myself a little and said, 'Damn girl, Noah is right."

I've never been afraid to admit the amount of things I don't know and even now that I have kids, kids who seem to be way smarter than me, I guess I'm still okay with it, and still open, probably more than ever, to understanding what I don't but should know. And I just became a stay at home mom, after being a mom who was hardly ever at home, so I'm here embracing a new day to day life I'm building with my little ones  - and frankly, a lot of it is pretty amusing to me... and possibly to others. Some of it,  most of it, is even worth learning from (for me), whether it be about paying attention to the road on the advice of my three year old or learning that 10:08 is far too late for a stay at home mom - or a work all day mom - to be wide awake and writing.